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LYLE AND SCOTT AT DESIGNER BRAND NORTHWEST Established in Scotland in 1874, Lyle & Scott is a brand with a rich heritage. It possesses 140 years of manufacturing expertise, an ability to re-invent itself and move with the times, boasts collaborations with the likes of Christian Dior, and has a close affinity with the world of Golf, as well as being adopted as part of the uniform of the British youth - a favourite amongst indie bands of the recent day. It is this rich heritage that has left behind an extensive archive from which the brand draws its inspiration. For the Spring/Summer ‘15 Classic Collection, Lyle & Scott provide a timeless offering of apparel and accessories, referencing the core pillars of the brand: Heritage, Britishness and Classicism. The collection sees the reworking of traditional patterns such as tartan and dogtooth; ranging from oversized prints as seen through the Lyle & Scott New Navy Tartan Knitted Sweater, to subtle trim detailing on traditional pieces such as the Lyle & Scott Oxford Cotton Shirt
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